How to Watch & Stream Anime for Free in 2019 - The Ultimate Guide

How to Watch & Stream Anime for Free in 2019 - The Ultimate Guide

Anime has become quite a phenomenon in the entire world throughout these recent years, especially after a large number of high-quality shows were released back-to-back. New shows such as Goblin Slayer, Tokyo Ghoul, One-Punch Man, Hataraku Saibou, etc. along with the iconic franchises such as One Piece, Naruto, Dragon Ball, etc. have managed to make anime as a genre become more and more diverse with representable shows for each subgenre. However, alongside this development, there are also some issues that the anime fandom will have to deal with. First of all, due to our sheer number, it is actually quite hard for a show to completely satisfy the needs of us all. Thus, this has led to a huge increase in the number of anime shows.

As a consequence, nowadays the anime landscape has become so diverse that when one wants to find an anime show that is fully suitable to their taste, they will certainly face some hard obstacles. That is not even the extent of things going against us, as more often than not, once we actually find something that we may enjoy, there is simply no way to watch it. This is due to the fact that while anime as a genre has become quite acceptable, it is still not really high-profile enough to warrant all of its shows being shown on cable TV. Thus, there certainly will be cases where one cannot find any source to watch anime with, That is the reason I want to introduce you to this Ultimate Guide of how to watch and stream anime for free in 2019.

1. Watch high-quality anime online through

Watch high-quality anime online through

There is no denying that Kiss Anime is undoubtedly one of, if not the top site to watch the highest possible quality anime shows online. No matter who you are or what your liking is, this site always has something that can satisfy your tastes thanks to its enormous collection of anime shows. In addition, due to it utilizing quite a vibrant color scheme, the design has become quite dynamic and attractive. Furthermore, the designers have also made the website’s UI quite flexible, making it a whole lot easier for readers to find out about the recent additions as well as the most popular series.

The only con of this site is the fact that you will have to enter some captcha to be able to watch. However, it is also a great way to protect the site’s anime shows quality by limiting the data being transferred at one time. All in all, this site is worthy of the first place in the list thanks to a combination of contents, reliability, quality of the shows, and speed. In addition, the creators have also made a big forum so that its users can actually make some great discussion about their favorite shows.

2. Watch the best English subbed anime shows online through

Watch the best English subbed anime shows online through

This website is sure to catch your attention through its incredibly artistic interface, which sports quite an unusual purple color. As for the content, this site currently possesses quite a humongous collection of English subbed anime shows for you to discover. There are also some vintage series from back in the days. Furthermore, the site offers almost every single show in the highest possible definition, making it quite a treat to watch. In the case of you not able to find your favorite show on the site, you can always send a request to the support team so that they can work on including that show. The website has also made some category tabs such as Most watched, Genre, Newest so that its users can have much easier of time searching for their preferences.

This website also has quite a bit of content dubbed in English. I am well aware that for a number of people, this feature will be able to give them a great extent of entertainment. There is also the fact that the site does permit you to download the anime show you like to your computer for offline viewing.

3. Watch the fullest collection of anime episodes through

Just like the two previous entries of the list, animexd is also a website that offers you the highest quality of anime shows to watch online in your free time. This site is, in fact, possessing what one can call a giant database that is full of anime shows from one genre to another. There is no way that your needs is not satisfied through the never-ending list that the site offers. After all, one can safely say that there is none that can even come close to the number of anime contents animexd has. Thus, one can safely say that animexd is undoubtedly among the best there are for people searching high-quality anime shows.

In addition to all those great points, one can also actually see the care that was put into making the website with just one glance. The creators have made sure that the interface of this site is pleasing to the eyes as well as incredibly functional. In addition, the search engine was optimized so that you can get the anime show that you are looking for in a flash. Furthermore, the site has an interactive chatting function.

4. Watch anime easily with

First of all, this site is extremely eye-catching but at the same time quite easy to navigate due to a lovely interface for the users. The designers have actually outdone themselves with this clean and sophisticated interface. Through it, the users will have no problem finding their preferences through tabs such as highest rated, most recent, genres, on-going, complete, etc. that are located on the left side of one’s screen. In addition, to help with visibility, a user can actually see all the description of an anime show when they click on the title. The information includes the number of available episodes, the release time, the genres, the ratings, etc. of the show.

Furthermore, the site does, in fact, offer the majority of its shows in the highest definition possible. Last but not least, this site does not have too many commercial ads.


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Amy Neal - February 13, 2019

I’m using Kissanime when I am watching animes and the rest will be my backups :) It’s a good source of info when you are into anime. You get other website choices if the anime you’re looking for isn’t available on that specific website. Now, I’ll have more to search. This serves as my stress reliever and it’s doing a pretty good job when just want to chill in my room. Well done!

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