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Top 10 Bleach Anime Hollow Ichigo Cool T-Shirts For Men

One year has gone by since the day the last Bleach episode was on air. Up until now I myself a big fan of this anime, still feel so lost, for which no others can make up. Then to keep all the memories of Bleach, I decided to collect items related to it and couldn’t help feeling happy when I discovered these top 10 Bleach T-shirts at KONOHA STUFF that I wanna recommend to you guys.

Bleach Anime Ichigo Kurosaki Vintage Cracked Stylish 3D T-shirt

 Can you imagine this is our main character Ichigo Kurosaki? He looks so cool in this Tee, even with blood on his face; no more a stubborn and short-tempered person who always keeps his face set in a near-permanent scowl, with the eyebrows drawn together. You can’t find anywhere else a more good-looking image of him other than in this T-shirt.

Bleach Anime Ichigo Kurosaki Hollow Mask Cool Theme T-shirt

You don’t like the gentle look of Ichigo? Then this Ichigo Hollow Mask T-shirt will be to your liking. With the 3D printed image on black background, it gives us a feeling that Hollow Ichigo is releasing his power out and always ready for fighting. Definitely suitable for an active day out!

Bleach Anime Ichigo Kurosaki This War Within Black 3D T-shirt

This T-shirt features Ichigo, his Hollow - Zangetsu as well as the “Primera Espada” Coyote Starrk.

Zangetsu is the manifested spirit of Ichigo as well as his inner Hollow. Zangetsu is the result of the fusion between the Hollow White Ichigo inherited from his mother and the Shinigami powers inherited from his father. As opposed to Ichigo, Zangetsu is brutal, arrogant, disrespectful and sadistic. He is considered to represent Ichigo’s purest instincts.

In spite of being the most powerful Espada, Starrk is a lazy person who spends most of his time asleep. There was the time he hated his power because this isolated him from others. He was the only one in his small world until he joined Espada group. Unlike many of the Espada, he is not violent or overly arrogant, and willing to fight for his friends against any enemies.

The three are all ready for The War. How about you? Put this on and join the battle to become one of the most powerful Shinigami!

Bleach Hollow Ichigo Horn Evil Chain Art Style T-Shirt

Of all the forms of Hollow Ichigo, I am deeply impressed by this Ichigo Vasto Lorde. As Vasto Lorde is on the top of Hollow species, this form gives Ichigo such great power that he could almost destroy the whole Soul Society. Have yourself this unique Bleach themed Tee with this ultra-powerful character if you want to show your distinctive taste in fashion.

Bleach Ichigo Kazui Soul King Father Son Cool Design T-Shirt

The final Bleach episode might leave every fan in a state of shock due to the appearance of Ichigo's son: Kazui. A lot of people shipped Ichigo and Rukia then later it turned out that he got married to Inoue Orihime. The kid has the face of his mother but inherits the unique hair and all characteristics from his father. Kazui obviously reminds us of Ichigo when he was so young.

"Like son, like father". This Tee is a perfect gift for sons and fathers who share the passion in Anime.

Bleach Ichigo Getsuga Moon Fang Technique Anime Art T-Shirt

Here comes the Ultimate Skill of Ichigo: Moon Fang Heaven-Piercer. Its power is so great that once used, Ichigo will lose all of his Shinigami Power; his hair color turns black and rapidly grows to waist-length. 

With this reasonable-price T-shirt, you can materialize your dream having this technique. Who cares about being a daydreamer as long as you feel happy with it?

Bleach Ichigo Black Shihakusho Fan Artwork Print T-Shirt

Shihakusho, or "Garment of Dead Souls", can be regarded as the coolest uniform for all Soul Reapers in Bleach.

Don't hesitate to order this awesome T-shirt so you can have a sign to prove yourself as a Death God in real life!

Bleach Kenpachi Zaraki With Blade Wild Aggressive Character Dope 3D T-shirt

Fitting with his personality, Kenpachi Zaraki has a wild and aggressive appearance. His jacket is from the previous 11th Division captain, whom he defeated and killed in a duel so as to become captain. Zaraki will do everything he wants. He enjoys a good fight more than any thing else and it's said that he lives for battles. This man sets a great example as a determined person. 

An excellent gift along with a lesson of determination for a youngster!!

Bleach Toshiro 10th Division Captain Dope Anime Art T-Shirt

Young as he is, Toshiro has already become the 10th Division Captain. He is generally mature and serious with everything he does. Due to the fact that he is quite small, he has been often joked about by others but he doesn’t care and goes on with his duties.

Any youngster who is teased by your look? Never mind it because Toshiro is here always by your side when you dress this nice Tee.

Unique Bleach Rukia Kuchiki Character Isolated Soul Reaper 3D T-shirt

Sometimes you feel bothered too much by someone and just want to be alone, but you can't tell him? Then this Unique Rukia Isolated Soul Reaper T-shirt is a perfect tool for you to express your damn mood. "Don't mess with me! I'm not like Rukia who is good at acting. I will shoot you down!"

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