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Top 10 Christmas 2016 Gifts Naruto Anime Fans totally love.

Are you still confused about what to give as gifts at Christmas 2016?

Christmas, no doubt is one of the most important festivals during the year. As it approaches, it's time to start thinking of what would be your gifts to your loved ones.
The right gifts don't have to be unnecessarily expensive but can show your concern for their personal  interest and hobbies. Here's the ideal gifts list to make your decision become easier to decide if you or your beloved people are followers of this globally famous ninja-themed series - Naruto.
Let's check out our gift list.

1.Sasuke Uchiha Darkness Avenger Naruto Anime Cool PS4 HD Skin Decal.

Sasuke Uchiha certainly is one of the most powerful ninjas in Naruto and beloved by millions of fans. With the design of Sasuke wearing the Akatsuki-symboled cloak and black Cursed Seal's wing, the cover set definitely takes your PS4 appearance to the whole next level. The complete set also comes with analog controllers skins. Make your gaming console in style with such a great design and high-quality cover set. What are you waiting for?


2. Naruto Uzumaki & Sasuke Uchiha Articulated Action Figure 15cm.

Naruto and Sasuke, they are amazing characters with outstanding abilities and they strongly influence the whole Ninja world of Naruto series and also millions of actual fans. Let's their spirits inspire you by having their figures on your working table, and this is absolutely a great gift idea for kids since they are not stand-still figures, they were created with flexible joints so kids can be very creative in discovering new concepts for those figures. Play time! 

3. Naruto Leaf Village Konoha Symbol Hip Hop Hat Cap Snapback.

You yourself or your significant other are snapback movement followers. This snapback with the design of Konoha (Leaf Ninja Hidden Village) symbol on should be a perfect gift for Christmas due to the high quality and Naruto-themed concept. A must-have item, no doubt about that.

4. Naruto Gaara Red Costume Workout Long Sleeves Compression 3D Shirt.

Better not to get sick during the winter and especially on Christmas, when you got tons of thing to do and celebrate. Perfect gear for your outdoor activities. Gaara is famous for his sand-using power and later becomes one of the most influent characters throughout the series. Totally a great option for Naruto's fan to workout in style. 

5. Unique Naruto Painting Graffiti Style Full Print 3D Tank Top.

If you are having the intention of escaping the harsh weather at Christmas by going to a sunny beach with a glass of mojito next by, this is your must-have item. The tank top was designed with the protagonist image of the series Naruto himself, colorful and comfortable to wear on, why not a tank top for the Christmas gift?

6. Naruto Akatsuki Red Clouds Symbol Of Justice Gray Black Hooded Jacket.

Akatsuki (means "Dawn" or "Daybreak") is well-known as a group of mercenary membered by persuasively strong deserted ninjas, who fled away from their villages. Colored with the black background and Akatsuki symbol (Red Cloud), this hooded jacket absolutely keeps you warm on Christmas night in style.

7. Leaf Jounin Asuma Sarutobi Kunai Knuckle Knife + Leather Case.

Asuma Sarutobi, no one can deny this ninja master is in the top list of strongest shinobi in Naruto series, used to serve as a member of Twelve Guardian Ninja, he makes his fighting technique such in a style with the trench knives. Know what, now you can do the same thing by having our collectible Kunai Knuckle Knife, made from high the quality zinc alloy and coming with color options Silver/White. This item is surely a perfect choice to wear on the next cosplay/manga/anime festivals.

8. Unique Naruto Painting Graffiti Style Full Print 3D Sweatshirt.

The sweatshirt is something never getting old to put on at Christmas. Make it dope with Naruto design on. The image of Naruto when he was a kid but full of energy and fighting spirit would be a great option for you to show your attitude toward this amazing series. Let's get attention for your upcoming holiday.

9.Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze Ninja Kunai Dagger 18cm With Leather Case.

Konoha's Yellow Flash - Minato Namikaze is famous for his exceptional speed in fighting and the unmatched power in the whole Naruto series. The Kunai Dagger was made from metal, carved with Konohakure symbol and comes with 2 color options Silver/Gold, also a vintage-look leather cover. Designed for Naruto fans complete their collections but can't be used as a weapon, this is absolutely a safe option for kids.

 Naruto Ninja Kunai Dagger Weapons Shuriken Cosplay Set 7pcs.

If the individual kunai figure of Minato or Asuma's Knife doesn't make you feel satisfied with your collection of Naruto items, so this is the right choice for you. A whole set including 7 figures from the basic shuriken to the unique Hiraishin (Flying Thunder God) Kunai of Minato Namikaze or the enormous blade Kubikiribocho (Executioner's Blade) of Zabuza and many special weapons in this Ninja-themed Manga. This mini-collection definitely full-fill your big collection of this anime/manga series. Also, notice that these items were crafted for collective purposes only, they are totally not harmful physically.


    So that's our list of Christmas 2016 Gifts for Naruto series lovers, what do you think? Feel free to leave us a comment below, we would highly appreciate your sharing ideas.
    Keep updating with our coolest stuff for anime/manga lovers. For more awesome Naruto stuff - Check this out.

    Merry Christmas!

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